Publication date

Location of premises


Contract No. 407 ERT 2016-011, Barrier Walls on R.S.S. Walls Replacement, MTO Site No. 37-15062000 Markham Road over Highway 407 and MTO Site No. 37-1486-1997 McCowan Road over Highway 407

Date substantially performed:
Date certificate signed:


Name of Owner
407 ETR Concession Company Limited
Address of Owner
6300 Steeles Avenue West, Woodbridge, ON L4H 1J1
Name of Contractor
Alliance Verdi Civil Inc.
Address of Contractor
91 Parr Boulevard, Bolton, ON L7E 4E3

Office to which claim for lien must be given to preserve lien

6300 Steeles Avenue West, Woodbridge, Ontario L4H 1J1