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Contract # 2015-2250 Upgrade of the existing COMPASS data communications system from the existing ring network to a 10 Gb/s system with 1 Gb/s subrings. The project included replacement of the data communication equipment and Installation of new drop fibers and UPS. The project is located along Highway 401 from Highway 410 to east of Salem Road and Highway 403 from Highway 10 to Highway 401

Date substantially performed:
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Name of Owner
Her Majesty The Queen in Right of Ontario as represented by the Minister of Transportation
Address of Owner
Ministry of Transportation, Central Region, ATMS, 159 Sir Wi
Name of Contractor
Guild Electric Limited
Address of Contractor
470 Midwest Road, Toronto, ON M1P 4Y5

Office to which claim for lien must be given to preserve lien

Director, Legal Services Branch, 125 Sir William Hearst Avenue, 1st Floor, Downsview, Ontario M3M 1J8