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The Daily Commercial News – 90 years covering industry excellence

Angela Gismondi

For 90 years, the Daily Commercial News (DCN) has been delivering relevant and up-to-date construction news and, for many in the construction industry, it has become a trusted resource and an important part of their daily routine.

“Ask anyone in the construction industry what their routine consists of every morning and invariably you will hear: check the weather; check-in with the sites; open the DCN and read what is going on in construction,” said Giovanni Cautillo, executive director of the Ontario Sewer and Watermain Construction Association. “The DCN continues to be, after 90 years, the construction industry’s ‘go to’ for all pertinent information affecting construction as a whole.”

The first edition was published on Nov. 8, 1927. Since that time it has become the voice of the construction industry in eastern Canada and beyond. In addition to editorial content, the publication also provides featured sections on project leads, certificates of substantial performance and tenders both in print and online.

“For me it was an absolute read every day,” said Michael Atkinson, former president of the Canadian Construction Association. “The Daily Commercial News has for decades been the chronicler of important events in Canada’s construction industry. I have always found the editors, reporters and all at the DCN to perform in a most professional and respectful manner.”

Mike Yorke, president of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Allied Workers Local 27, said, “I spend a lot more time in my office than I did years ago, so it’s one of the first things I turn to on a daily basis to see what are the issues that are ongoing in the industry that I need to know about. I get that from the DCN.”

Andy Manahan, executive director of the Residential and Civil Construction Alliance of Ontario, said the DCN has an “ongoing commitment to providing relevant construction stories, tender information and data relevant to our evolving industry.

“The DCN plays a vital role in providing daily information to those involved in the construction sector,” he said. “This type of industry-specific news is not covered by the mainstream media and probably never will be.”

Sue Ramsay, general manager of the Hamilton-Halton Construction Association, said even as times change the DCN continues to play a central role.

“It’s our destination for the project information we need to get the job done, and the place we visit to see ourselves. The DCN informs our industry, celebrates our successes and mourns our failures,” she stated. “Covering trends and technology it shows us our possible futures. The DCN doesn’t just report on the construction industry, it’s a part of the industry.”

Ian Cunningham, Council of Ontario Construction Associations president, also attests to the integral role the DCN plays in the construction industry.

“Reaching the 90-year milestone is a testament to this truly remarkable construction institution’s ability to adapt to ever changing times.  Today, at a time when the speed of change has never been greater, the DCN is more relevant than ever and a daily ‘must read’ for everyone in the mainstream of our industry.  Congratulations to the DCN and very best wishes for the next 90 years.”

This year, to commemorate Canada’s sesquicentennial, the DCN ran a five-part, year-long series entitled Building Canada 150, celebrating Canada’s construction legacy that explored transformational projects, labour and workplace evolution, iconic projects, construction methods and materials and natural resource projects.

The DCN is always looking for ways to evolve and expand its coverage. In addition to increasing its online and social media presence over the years, it also added a podcast this past year, The Construction Record. The name The Construction Record is a nod to the former full name of the DCN, the Daily Commercial News and Construction Record.

The biweekly podcast provides a different and modern way to access construction news.

“The DCN has had a great role in our industry and I constantly recommend to young people, go to the DCN website. It gives them access and insight in the industry that is invaluable in their careers — they really need the information that’s there,” said Yorke.

Cautillo said he hopes the DCN will continue to be the information hub for construction.

“The best part of DCN articles is that they are clear and concise with their information,” said Cautillo. “There is no sugarcoating and facts are not embellished in order to overly sensationalize any story. Construction people like facts. Clear-cut information. We work in a world of exact measurements and criteria and appreciate obtaining our information in the most expeditious fashion possible. The DCN has always and continues to provide that information.”

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