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Ontario expands list of essential construction projects

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Ontario expands list of essential construction projects

TORONTO — The Progressive Contractors Association of Canada (PCA) has identified a further change to Province of Ontario regulations implementing essential construction project rules.

PCA Ontario vice-president Karen Renkema indicated Jan. 18 that the government changed the regulations late Friday, Jan. 15, with an addition that states that any construction project that is funded in whole or part by any level of government or any agency of the federal or provincial government can continue during the lockdown.

A newsletter sent to PCA members Jan. 18 stated, “This is a significant change that will allow more construction work to continue during this time. Prior to this change, it was understood that only affordable housing would fall under the ‘public funding’ exemption.”

The revision is at least the third since the government unveiled its initial list of essential projects Jan. 12 after declaring a state of emergency. Previously, the PCA reported, revisions expanded the roster of projects permitted in the agricultural and affordable/supporting housing sectors.

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Adam White Image Adam White

More bull from the Ontario government. Not sure why you are still listening to them.

Kelly Ryan Image Kelly Ryan

Hello….how can I get a list of current projects in Ontario deemed essential?


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