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Poor road conditions costing vehicle owners dearly: CAA study

Poor road conditions costing vehicle owners dearly: CAA study

OTTAWA — A new study finds Canadians are paying $3 billion every year in higher vehicle operating costs due to poor road infrastructure.

This study, done by the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA), is the first in Canada to show the impact of poor roads on vehicle owners, rather than focusing on how much it costs to build or repair them, indicates a release. The analysis revealed the average Canadian driver incurs an extra $126 in costs every year due to poor road quality, a total of $3 billion collectively, with costs coming in the form of more vehicle repairs, higher maintenance and other operating expenses.

The study uses self-reported data from provincial and municipal agencies, which indicated 43 per cent of Canadian roads are rated below average. Using the most recent data available from Statistics Canada, the study calculates how much more drivers pay in maintenance and other costs when they drive on poor roads as compared to good roads, those which are consistently well-maintained, adds the release.

“Canada’s roads are vital for commuters, business and connecting communities,” says Ian Jack, vice-president of public affairs, CAA National, in a statement. “This study shows for the first time the hidden cost to drivers of below-average roads. And it demonstrates that governments would save money in the long run if they brought roads up to – not perfection – but a good standard. That should be attainable.”

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