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eCompliance launches app version 7.0, drives home safety participation

Angela Gismondi
eCompliance launches app version 7.0, drives home safety participation

Safety software provider eCompliance recently launched version 7.0 of its mobile app, which the company’s director of product describes as a user-focused, intuitive application purpose-built for encouraging frontline workers to participate in safety.

“The key difference is it’s a completely updated user experience — faster with some new functionalities,” said director of product at eCompliance, Harish Pandian, adding it’s the biggest software update for the company to date and is now available in app stores for both Android and iOS users.

“The focus is to get frontline workers to use the application as much as possible without training.

“The core functionalities and capabilities haven’t changed a lot. It’s the fundamental way of how those functionalities are delivered through the application.”

Updates to the enhanced safety software, launched Aug. 5, include new language support in French and Spanish, two-way sync for action items within the platform and a simple UX design that makes the app easier to navigate. It also includes searchable templates, optimized device storage recycling capabilities, a pull-to-refresh update throughout the app, notification enablement, online and offline syncing and form modification without coding requirements on a desktop.

“We also recognize that English may not be the first language of a lot of frontline workers in Quebec and south of the border. That was also a barrier for frontline workers to participate in safety activities,” said Pandian.

The new app was in development for six months.

“It upgrades when your phone updates, so you don’t have to do anything to switch over,” he noted. “All current users are upgrading to the new app and anyone that is signing up now gets onto the new app.”

The update is especially important for those in hazardous industries dealing with the impact of COVID-19.

In the last few months, there has been an increase in businesses of all sizes looking for safety software to help manage and centralize all safety program requirements.

“This will definitely be useful for anyone who wants to launch a digital safety program fairly quickly because of the changing times or they because they are forced to do so,” said Pandian.

Last year, eCompliance conducted research looking at what their safest companies are doing differently. They found the biggest barrier to creating a strong safety culture was that the tools they use to report incidents are ineffective.

“The biggest feedback we got from users is, ‘we see four to five hazards every day but we don’t report any of those because the tools that we are using take a lot of time and the information from those tools doesn’t go to the appropriate people,’ ” explained Pandian.

“We took the direction that we wanted to change the user experience of our apps to be intuitive so that anybody can submit information in a matter of seconds or a few minutes.”

The app has similar design elements used for Facebook and LinkedIn.

“We adopted some of those principles and said if the biggest barrier is tools, we should build an app that will require minimal training, an app that is intuitive to use and that they can just download and start using without somebody teaching you how to use it,” Pandian said.

“They should be able to input information at a much faster pace so the organizations can start building more of a safety culture with the frontline participation.”

The app can also be updated more often, and user feedback will be used to make enhancements, he added.

“The outcome of this is we can update the app every week,” said Pandian. “The rate at which we respond to feedback and add new features is going to be day and night compared to the previous app. For an application that is focused on end user experience this feedback is the most important thing.

“In the past every single improvement took time. With the new technology these improvements will take less time so we will be able to do product updates much faster.”

The new app is now available for three months free, until Aug. 31.

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