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Skills Ontario and allies support province’s Bill 288

Skills Ontario and allies support province’s Bill 288

TORONTOSkills Ontario and other skilled trades advocates recently showed support for Bill 288, the Building Opportunities in the Skilled Trades Act, during a presentation to Ontario’s Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs.

Others addressing the bill included Promation, the Ontario Council for Technology Education (OCTE) and KickAss Careers, stated a May 21 release.

The act sets out provisions regarding the practice of trades in Ontario and apprenticeship training and certification, and provides for a new entity known as Skilled Trades Ontario to replace the Ontario College of Trades.

“As an organization dedicated to inspiring Ontarians to explore these careers, we look forward to building on our partnership with the Ontario government,” said Ian Howcroft, CEO of Skills Ontario, in a statement. “We support the direction and goals of Bill 288, as we see this as a way forward that will help bring certainty and clarity.”

Chris Tucker, chair of OCTE, stated, “We are pleased that the government has introduced Bill 288 to revolutionize the apprenticeship system and are advocating for K-12 technological education to play a key role in the Skilled Trades Ontario organization.”

Darryl Spector, president of Promation, said the bill would help restore Ontario’s position as an important manufacturing hub in North America.

“Bill 288, the Building Opportunities in the Skilled Trades Act, is a foundational move towards that goal,” said Spector.

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