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PCL’s safety resources shared with the industry

Angela Gismondi
PCL’s safety resources shared with the industry

In the spirit that safety is not proprietary, PCL Toronto has decided to share its health, safety and environment (HSE) resources with the industry.

The PCL Toronto District HSE Resource Portal will share company policies, procedures and best practices in an effort to target zero incidents.

“Safety is something that we live and breathe every single day. Hopefully with the sharing of this resource people can benefit from it, they use it to help other people and hopefully together we all get better,” said Sean Scott, the senior district HSE manager with PCL, adding the intent of the resource is to encourage the learning and sharing of safety knowledge.

“From our perspective, collaboration is huge. There is only so far that you can go as an individual or a company. If we can get everybody on the same page pulling together, the whole industry is going to benefit and everyone is going to rise up. Our goal is ultimately to enhance and improve the safety culture for everybody.”

In 2015 and 2016 PCL Toronto’s HSE and senior management team conducted Partnering to Zero seminars involving trade partners and senior managers. They focused on how to get their safety message down to the people working.

“In order for us to effectively manage what happens on the jobsite, we believe that it is vital that our trade partners are on board with safety and to provide them with a path and an understanding of why we do the things we do,” said Scott.

Trade partners can use the resource as a guide or a template to implement their own policies, he explained.

“Instead of PCL directing and telling contractors what to do, we wanted to partner with them and come up with an effective strategy to do this. We brought them in and decided to share our vision that everybody should be going home safely at the end of every day. That was what partnering to zero is all about — zero incidents, zero injuries, zero fatalities,” he said.

As a product of the sessions, PCL developed a Project Document Controls site to share previously proprietary safety information with its partners including downloadable documents that cover PCL’s HSE operating procedures, project HSE plan, construction smarts and lifesaving absolutes, hazard ID and control knowledge articles, high-risk activity documents, HSE bulletins, HSE Leadership Partnering to Zero and lessons learned. It also includes external links.

“Our partners recognize that PCL are safety leaders and they asked us directly, ‘you guys have all these great processes, procedures, methods to actually implement safe management processes and systems, are you able to share those?’ The answer was 100 per cent yes,” Scott explained.

Initially, PCL shared links with secure passwords with trade partners but the platform posed a challenge from an accessibility and administrative perspective.

“We had a conversation with our senior management team and they agreed that safety is not proprietary, let’s share it,” Scott said. “We can share information that is a benefit for others and they can use it somehow. Hopefully what we’re looking to do is encourage others to do the exact same thing. If they have a good process or procedure, we want to know about it so we can adjust or modify what we do to share, collaborate and work together and actually drive that message of safety home.”

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