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Pre-Bid Projects

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Kremlin wall 'tooth' broken by collapsing scaffolding

The Associated Press
Kremlin wall 'tooth' broken by collapsing scaffolding

MOSCOW — Falling scaffolding broke off one of the “teeth” on the top of the Kremlin wall on Friday, prompting Russian authorities to seal off Red Square.

A gust of wind brought down the scaffolding, which was being used to repair a section of the Kremlin wall near Soviet founder Vladimir Lenin’s tomb on Red Square, breaking one of the 1,045 two-horned teeth shaped like dovetails.

The authorities quickly closed Red Square and dispatched construction workers to collect the rubble.

The renovation works are part of an effort to repair the Kremlin wall that has been going on for several years.

The wall, featuring 20 ornate towers, was built by Italian architects in the late 15th century.

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