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Pre-Bid Projects

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Canada’s Solar Panda reaches Kenyan power milestone

Canada’s Solar Panda reaches Kenyan power milestone

TORONTO — Canada’s Solar Panda has announced it has reached the milestone of bringing power to the homes of one million Kenyans.

The firm, established in 2017, specializes in installing solar power systems to homes without access to electricity in sub-Saharan Africa, stated a recent release.

Solar Panda designs and sells Solar Home Systems that include lights, mobile phone chargers, radios and televisions through its own network of 37 shops and 800 field agents across Kenya. The package has now been delivered to 200,000 Kenyan households.

Systems are financed for customers to enable affordability. Solar Panda is currently raising its first round of external equity to support its growth plans.

“It is an incredible feeling to wake up each morning and know that because of us, there are hundreds more families that have electricity today that didn’t yesterday. I’m so proud of this milestone as it represents a lot of hard work by an incredibly talented and dedicated team,” stated Solar Panda CEO Andy Keith in a statement.

“Despite all the challenges of the last two years due to COVID, we’ve remained committed to our mission.”

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