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San Diego International Airport project wins sustainability awards

San Diego International Airport project wins sustainability awards

SAN DIEGO, CALIF.—The San Diego International Airport project was recently recognized at the Climate Leadership Awards.

The awards were held during the Climate Leadership Conference, which “recognizes, and incentivizes exemplary corporations, organizations, and individuals leading the way in managing and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in their operations and supply chains, as well as integrating climate resilience initiatives,” a release states. 

The San Diego International Airport project was awarded the Individual Leadership Award and the Excellence in Greenhouse Gas Management Award. 

For the airport project, Sundt Construction Inc. used a wireless concrete sensor, SmartRock by Giatec, which specializes in concrete testing technology and concrete software applications. The sensors were used in the construction of a three-million-gallon underground stormwater containment reservoir for the airport. The sensor has the ability to reduce concrete waste by predicting concrete performance and monitoring concrete properties in real-time.  

Through Giatec’s SmartRock concrete sensors and artificial intelligence (AI)-based technology the company plans to help the industry cut at least 400 million tons annually of GHG emissions, indicates a release. The wireless concrete sensor is currently being implemented in over 8,000 construction projects in 80 countries.

“SmartRock is the leading concrete maturity sensor for accurate monitoring of concrete curing and hardening,” the release states. “Unlike time-consuming and error-prone break tests, or cumbersome wired sensors, Giatec’s patented maturity sensor uses a highly accurate ASTM-approved testing method. Together with the Giatec 360 platform, and SmartHub remote monitoring system this has enabled faster, safer, and more economical concrete construction.” 


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