160 bed Long Term Care Facility

Publication Date:
Owen Sound, ON
Bid Date:
Tender Description


1. Intended Use
The project is a 160 bed Long Term Care Facility, 3 storey building complete with all site works

2. History
Graham Design and Construction acting as Construction Managers on behalf of CVH (No3) LP and its general partners Southbridge Health Care GP Inc and Southbridge Care Homes has completed the design and working drawing phase of the project. Site Plan agreement has been executed and registered and Building Permit fee has been paid. The project is now moving towards the construction phase expected to commence Oct 1, 2020 (or sooner) with a completion date of Fall 2022. Site clearing has commenced in anticipation of a Fall 2020 start

3. Scope
Graham Design and Construction acting on behalf of CVH (No3) LP and in accordance with the Ministry of Long Term Care (MoLTC ) requirements is issuing the Project Notification and a call for all trade tenders based on the following available documentation

  • Site Grading and Servicing  Plans  (3)  SP1-SP3  dated  Aug 10, 2020 by GM Blue Plan
  • Architectural Plans (21) A0.0-A7.3 dated Aug 10,2020 by GM Diemert Architect Inc
  • Structural Plans (8) 0-S3.1 dated Aug 10, 2020 by Witzel Dyce Engineering Inc
  • Electrical Plans (19) E1.0-E8.1 dated Aug 10, 2020 by DEI Consulting Engineers
  • Mechanical Plans (22) M1 .1-M11.2 dated Aug 10, 2020 by DEI Consulting Engineers
  • Kitchen and Servery layouts (7) dated Sept , 2019 by Paula Hicks Food Service
  • Interior Design Drawings and product specifications (32) ID100-00 -ID603-01 dated Aug 10, 2020 by Vander King Design Group Inc
  • Appliance spec, General hardware spec, lighting spec. General lighting Package, Plumbing specs, Finishes spec by Vander King Design Group Inc dated May 27, 2020
  • Project Manual and Specifications (737 pages) dated Aug 2020 by GM Diemert Architect Inc
  • Electrical (153 pages) and Mechanical (266 pages) Specifications dated Aug 2020 by DEI Consulting Engineers
  • Proposed sequencing plan
  • Preliminary Project Schedule
  • Long Term Care Home Design Manual 2015
  • CCDC5B and Supplemental Conditions
  • CCA 1 and Supplemental Conditions
  • Hardware Schedule by Allmar
  • Graham Design and Construction Covid-19 Policy
  • Work package scope of work description
  • Schedule A Bid Form
  • Bid Breakdown Form specific to each Work package
  • Division 00 Instruction to bidders

These documents have been posted on Merx, the Grand Valley Construction Association and the Toronto Construction Association site. The project description and tender call is also posted at the Daily Commercial News

Note that all drawings and specifications are to be read in conjunction with each other and failure to do so will not be reason for claims for additional costs post tender

There are currently 39 separate work packages to be tendered (Divisions 00-32) all closing on September 16, 2020

Questions regarding this notification can be sent via email to owensoundtenders@southbridgecare.com attn Michael Feld Senior PM or call 249-288-5614