Certificate of Recognition (CORTM) in 2021 Implementation

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Brampton, ON
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November 9, 2020

City of Brampton requiring CORTM in 2021 Implementation

In continuing to build a future-ready organization, Brampton has adopted the Certificate of Recognition (CORTM) program as part of its construction contract management and construction tendering process. This is a reaffirmation of the City’s ongoing commitment to health and safety for contractors, employees and residents.

The requirement to be CORTM certified has been implemented since January 2019 for construction projects over  $25M.  Starting  January  2021,  the   requirement for CORTM will be implemented for construction and maintenance projects between $5M and $10M.

The following chart outlines the proposed schedule for implementing COR in future years:

Value of Contract

Proposed Implementation


January 2019 – implemented


January 2020 – implemented


January 2021


January 2022

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