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Toronto, ON
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Date of Issue: Friday, November 9, 2018

Closing date and time: Friday, November 23, 2018 at 2:00 pm

EllisDon Corporation is the Construction Manager for the Toronto   Waterfront   Revitalization   Corporation   (TWRC) Cherry Street Storm Water and Lake Filling Project (CSLF) and Port Lands Flood Protection Project (PLFP). EllisDon invites eligible companies, firms or joint ventures to submit qualifications for Water Treatment Services for construction of the PLFP project, located in the city of Toronto:

The PLFP project is expected to require a Subcontractor to provide water treatment services including, but not limited to:

  • Design, supply, installation, commissioning, management, operation, and maintenance of water treatment facilities including filters, pumps, associated network of piping, storage/containment and pre-treatment systems (as needed) for a period of approximately four (4) years;
  • System treatment capacity over 10,000,000 liters per day (approx. 300 cubic meters per hour) assuming the plant operates continuously 24 hours per day and flows are averaged over time.;
  • Treatment processes appropriate for managing the expected contamination. Treatment process may include mechanical oil/water separators, chemical adjustment (neutralization, flocculation), and multi-stage filtration systems. The systems will be designed to remove suspended sediments, free phase hydrocarbons, and dissolved phase organic and inorganic contaminants. Treatment options include, but are not limited to: TSS Control, Oil/Water Separator,  Granular  Activated Carbon, Sand Media Filters, Air Stripper, pH Control, and Ion Exchange;

–  Treated  water  is  expected  to  be  discharged  to Lake Ontario via temporary discharge structures or possibly to existing City of Toronto sanitary or storm sewers. Discharge to the City of Toronto sanitary and or storm sewer systems (if capacity allows) will be completed in accordance with any requirements outlined in a Discharge Agreement issued by the City of Toronto.

– Treated water will need to meet the PWQO for general water parameters, not just for identified contaminants for all discharge to Lake Ontario or for meeting City of Toronto Sanitary and Combined Sewer or Storm Sewer use by-law limits as presented in Chapter 681, Sections 2 and 4 of the Toronto Municipal Code for any discharge into the municipal sewer systems.

  • In-situ treatment of contained volumes of groundwater (as needed);
  • Water quality sampling and analysis to meet all permit requirements;
  • Compliance with all federal, provincial, and local regulations and standards and applicable permits;
  • Water flow measuring device at discharge location; and
  • Winterization of facilities to allow year-round operation.

Other required services may include:

  • Design, installation, operation, and maintenance of a submersible baffle system to dissipate the flow of treated water at the discharge point (into adjacent surface water bodies).Design, installation, operation, and maintenance of groundwater dewatering systems (well points, etc.) to support excavation (as needed);

Interested parties with a minimum of five (5) years of experience shall submit their interest to the following address in order to receive the RFQ documentation.

Email to: tenderplfpei@ellisdon.com, to the attention of Shayan Setayeshgar.

Subject: RFQ Package #64 Water Treatment Services – “name of your company”

EllisDon reserves the right to disqualify interested parties based on review of the documents requested in the RFQ documentation.

It is expected that a short list of up to four (4) companies will be pre-qualified.