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Construction Safety Association of Manitoba wins inaugural award

Myron Love

Over the years, the Construction Safety Association of Manitoba (CSAM) has created and implemented many programs, courses and resources aimed at making a positive impact on the safety and health culture in Manitoba.

The CSAM’s safety efforts were recognized recently when the Workers Compensation Board (WCB) of Manitoba and Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) presented the organization with a brand new award.

The two organizations developed the SAFE Work Awards program to recognize individuals and groups, who demonstrate ongoing commitment to making workplaces and Manitoba safer and healthier.

“Every worker has a right to a safe and healthy workplace and every family has a right to see their loved one come home from work at the end of the day,” said Minister of Family Services and Labour, Jennifer Howard, in a press release.

“Our goal is to make Manitoba a prevention leader and I am proud to be recognizing the efforts of individuals and workplaces that stand at the forefront of workplace safety and health in our province.”

The SAFE Work Awards were presented during North American Occupational Safety and Health week, when organizations raise awareness of the importance of preventing injuries and illness in the workplace.

The Construction Safety Association of Manitoba has won the inaugural SAFE Work Award for a Safety Group.

“Winning the inaugural SAFE Work Award for a Safety Group is reflective of our commitment to the culture of safety in the construction industry in Manitoba,” said Chris Olenick, the organization’s communications and innovations co-ordinator.

“At CSAM, we are consistently adapting and evolving; taking on the management and leadership as the premier source of quality safety information and accident prevention methods throughout the province.”

The association want to increase awareness of workplace safety, and spreading the message of safety and health to everyone, especially to those new to working in Manitoba.

The association’s objectives are to:

Provide information regarding accident prevention methods and changes to health and safety regulations; to develop information; resources, tools and training programs to enable contractors to meet their legislated responsibilities; to provide guidance with respect to establishing comprehensive safety programs tailored to meet the needs of individual companies both large and small; and to act as the authority having jurisdiction to grant COR certification and Small Employer COR certification.

While CSAM continues to deliver in-class courses and programs, the organization became one of the first organizations to offer numerous options and alternative ways of educating the industry online about safety and health.

For young people just starting out in the workplace, Olenick noted, CSAM provides free online WHMIS training to high school students and recently unveiled an online construction safety orientation course called: SCOT – The Safety Pass.

“With all of these choices and opportunities, CSAM continues to see large numbers of non-industry employers, workers and the general public, pursuing safety information and services,” Olenick said.

“Moving forward, we at the Construction Safety Association of Manitoba are committed to the ongoing effort to increase awareness of Workplace Safety and health and the responsibilities of employers and employees,” he said.

“We are proud of the growth of companies accessing and pursuing proper training with the COR and SECOR safety program accreditation. It is all these factors that make us live up to our company slogan which is: Practical Solutions for a Safer Workplace.”

Mike Jones was recently named the new executive director of the Construction Safety Association of Manitoba.

For more about Jones, check out the Occupational Health and Safety feature in the Aug. 12 issue of the Journal of Commerce.

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