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Industry Voices: The window is closing for contractors to embrace technology

Justin Havre
Industry Voices: The window is closing for contractors to embrace technology

While many contractors do great work, a number of them are still stuck in a different generation when it comes to the technology they use.

It’s not just contractors either, many businesses have been able to just get by without investing properly in technology, but they are getting closer and closer to a tipping point.

Many businesses have lost ground when it comes to the amount of work they perform, the number of leads they bring in and the efficiency of their work when compared to competitors that do incorporate technology in their business strategy.

If they want to survive and grow, they need to move forward with technology and adapt to changes.

It’s not too late for these late adopters to make technology a part of the foundation of their business, but that window is closing.

It’s the age of automation and those who aren’t streamlining processes are going the way of the horse and buggy.

Why are contractors holding back on technology?

Businesses seem to hold back on technology for a couple of reasons.

First, they may not be sure how to use a lot of the tools and techniques they will have at their disposal.

Second, they may be worried about the money and time they will have to invest in the needed changes. While both of those things are valid concerns, contractors who look at the issue this way can lose out on many options that will help their business perform better than they have thought possible.

Technology has become exponentially more user friendly over the years and solid investments in software can save both time and money in the long run.

Where should contractors start?

Software for leads, bidding and real-time analytics can all be game changers.

In an increasingly fast-paced world, team management solutions can truly help a company optimize its efforts.

Marketing is another great place for a contractor to start, because it is the place where contractors and potential customers come together. With that in mind, many contractors can focus on ways to increase their customer base without wasting a lot of time and money.

When owners utilize software, they free up their own time to work on whatever they need to do to advance their interests instead of trying to catch up on other tasks that could be handled by automation.

What kinds of technology should they consider?

Automation is the key to a successful merging of what contractors do and the technology they need to help their business.

The more their office processes are automated, the less time they need to spend in the office.

That is good news for them because they can be out in the field, working on jobs to bring in more revenue, instead of being stuck behind a desk for hours dealing with paperwork and related concerns.

For any contractor who wants or needs to move toward more technology, looking into the automation of as many processes as possible can be the key to a higher level of success.

We’re in a period of time defined by rapid innovation and it’s about time for contractors to decide whether they want to move forward and grow, or stay behind and stagnate.

For contractors who are dedicated to their job and want to make their business more lucrative, embracing technology in all aspects of business is what the market is demanding.

Justin Havre is a Calgary native and owner of Justin Havre & Associates. Send comments to

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