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U.S. awards $812.6 million in border wall contracts

The Associated Press
U.S. awards $812.6 million in border wall contracts

DALLAS — The U.S. government has awarded three contracts worth more than $812.6 million for construction of about 65 miles of new border wall along the lower Rio Grande in South Texas.

In a statement issued on Sept. 30, U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers say the contracts were awarded on Sept. 29 to two contractors. The wall projects are to include steel bollard walls of 18-to-30 feet in height, all-weather roads, lighting, security cameras and other technology in 19 separate segments in Starr, Hidalgo and Cameron counties.

The statement says the walls will go up, starting early next year, where none now exist but not in areas prohibited under the CBP’s 2019 appropriation. The sector is the CBP’s busiest, accounting for about 40 per cent of its immigrant apprehensions.

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Beverly Moore Image Beverly Moore

Building a wall at the US/Mexico border is absurd & a waste of money. Those of you who insist that immigrants cannot come to our nation then you need to establish a committe/group to work on removing the Statue of Liberty as the words inscribed on her have now become untrue because of these unreasonable & inhumane beliefs. Yes, I want all of the immigrants to become US citizens but let them begin the process after they arrive. If you haven’t learned by now, NO HUMAN IS ILLEGAL! Those of you who do not agree, do you remember from where you came? Our forefathers killed/tortured the 1st “legal” residents of the US. History reflects humans overall being cruel & uncaring. I strongly believe God is not pleased.
Building the wall is a waste of taxpaying dollars. If the govt insists on paying $812.6 million then use it to care for people who need assistance w/basic needs being met. This is so simplistic & Christian!
I’ve come to learn that the vast majority of people I know who support the wall don’t seem to comprehend that the majority of immagrants accept jobs that the average “legal” resident would refuse.
When I hear of “the wall”, I can’t help but wonder, how are you going to stop those coming from India, the Philippines, China, and Vietnam? I say, “let them come to the land of the free!”
So many are unaware of that thousands of resident aliens serve in the US military while many govt officials have avoided military service even if they had to lie (sadly, common in today’s govt).
How about the professional sport leagues who sponsor immigrants? The good ole American sports. That makes it ok for immigrants to come to the US…how about caring for the children, the disabled, & specifically those who reside in dangerous countries.
Wake up people, we are all humans with everyone deserving to have a good life regardless of where they were born!


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