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Pre-Bid Projects

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Squamish sewer project stalled by drilling issues

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Squamish sewer project stalled by drilling issues
DISTRICT OF SQUAMISH — Drilling problems have stalled efforts to upgrade sewer pipe upgrades in Squamish, B.C. The project is now expecting delays as a solution is formed.

SQUAMISH, B.C. — Drilling issues have stymied work on the Highway 99 section of the Mamquam Road sewer upgrade.

Squamish officials explained attempts to drill under Highway 99 have been unsuccessful and the project now requires open-trench excavation to install the new sewer pipe. Officials said the project team is working hard to pivot quickly and keep delays to a minimum.

“Despite best efforts in planning and execution, we have encountered a blockage while drilling under Highway 99 that requires us to move to a contingency plan,” said District of Squamish capital projects manager Jesse Morwood in a statement. “We are working with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to seek their input and support on next steps for the work around Highway 99, based on the traffic and project management plans we are putting forward to them.”

Squamish officials stated the issue will result in a delayed finish to the project. How long of a delay will become more clear once plans have been confirmed with the province. Impacts will also be experienced on Highway 99 as well as the eastern aspect of the intersection leading from Garibaldi Highlands.

“We empathize with residents who have been impacted by the traffic closures and noise, and we apologize for the extended disruption,” says District of Squamish chief administrative officer Linda Glenday. “This is a highly technical project that has presented many challenges due to the complexity of activities and the depth of the sewer pipe, and this is certainly not the scenario we had hoped for. There are always risks associated with projects such as this and unfortunately some of those risks have been realized.”

The Mamquam Road project is budgeted at $2.3 million and is part of a $43.4 million capital plan being carried out in this year. District officials said cost implications for the project will become more clear once plans are confirmed.

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