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Washington state to require building electrification in some sectors next year

Washington state to require building electrification in some sectors next year

VANCOUVER—Washington State has become the first U.S. state to incorporate building electrification mandates into statewide energy codes.

Beginning in 2023, builders are required to install electric heat pumps for heating and cooling in new commercial buildings and multi-family residences, stated a recent release. According to an analysis by the Rocky Mountain Institute, restricting the use of natural gas in buildings in the state can eliminate 8.1 million tons of carbon dioxide by 2050.

SP Global reported that on April 22, the Washington State Building Code Council voted 11 to three to include the mandates in an update to the state’s commercial energy code. The report also said the council has proposed restrictions to fossil fuel use in residential buildings, which would go into effect in 2023 alongside the commercial code updates.

SHARC Energy issued a statement supporting the move.

“We applaud first the City of Seattle and now the State of Washington for being forward-thinking leaders and taking significant steps towards reducing the use of fossil fuel in buildings to curb greenhouse gas emissions,” stated SHARC Energy CEO Lynn Mueller. “We hope other states in the U.S. and countries worldwide will adopt similar electrification measures to their building codes.

“Our company is in a strong position to fulfil the growing demand and support the industry’s fight against climate change.”


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