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Sponsored Content: Tips for Red Seal Exam Challenge

Sponsored by Ashton College

Ashton College
Sponsored Content: Tips for Red Seal Exam Challenge

Taking exams is nerve-wracking. It is especially dreadful for adult test-takers who completed their studies a long time ago and haven’t been to a classroom since then. This is the case with the majority of people who work in trades and are looking at the Red Seal exam challenge. We prepared these simple exam tips to help you get ready for the exams, pass them successfully and start exploring Red Seal trades opportunities.

When it comes to taking a Red Seal exam it’s important to stay focused and motivated. It’s a complicated process starting from applying for a Red Seal qualification to challenging the exam but the key to success is taking time to learn, following the procedure and becoming confident in the material you will be tested on. No matter what Red Seal trades opportunities you have in mind, these tips are universal and helpful to everybody.

1. Become familiar with the exam format.

All exams are different. And it is very important to understand what the exam you’re going to take includes, what type of tasks and questions it consists of, what time is allocated for each of them, etc. Find out as much as possible about the exam before you sign up for it and make sure you familiarize yourself with the process, so that nothing comes as a surprise to you on the exam day.

Red Seal exam challenge consists of 100 to 150 questions, depending on the trade. All questions are multiple-choice and of equal value. Every question has four possible answers (A, B, C and D), and only one of them is correct. You will be using the pencil to mark the answers on the exam paper, make sure not to leave any stray marks. The maximum allowed time for the exam is four hours.

2. Study, study, study!

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to learn the material that is required for the exam. When you seek Red Seal trades opportunities you will see that there is a National Occupational Analysis for every single trade which describes the skills and knowledge required to perform duties of the trade. The NOAs are available on the official Red Seal website. These are the best resources available for you to study for the exam.

The questions asked in the exam check your trade knowledge, test your ability to apply mathematical formulas to a trade-related situation, check problem-solving skills related to your trade. You will also be tested on how well you use metric and/or imperial systems, interpret measurements and diagrams, how easily you understand the acronyms related to a certain field.

3. Practice the exam.

Once you understand what the format of the Red Seal exam challenge looks like and what is required from the test taker, start practicing the exam. Exam Counselling Sheets, published on the Red Seal official website, will help you understand the distribution of the topics areas on the exam and how to plan your time properly.

There are sample tests available online that can be very helpful. The more you practice the better. Use any resource you manage to find or take a Red Seal Exam preparation course that will enable you to practice the exam under the guidance of an experienced tutor. This will allow you to gain confidence and boost your morale before the exam.

4. Take time to rest.

 Time is always an issue. The closer you’ll get to the exam date the more anxious you’ll become and the more you’ll try to squeeze into 24 hours. However, burning the midnight oil won’t do you any good. There is a limit on how much information your brain can process at a time, and you won’t be able to remember a lot if you keep on studying without breaks.    

Plan your time wisely from the very beginning. Don’t get overwhelmed and take time to rest every now and then. If you dedicate even a small amount of time to your studies but do that on a regular basis, you’ll benefit from it more than if you spend entire days or even nights before the exam.

5. Remember the rules.

 There are certain rules the test-taking facilities implement to guarantee the integrity of the exams. When you apply for the Red Seal exam challenge, you will be notified on the rules and regulations that apply to these exams. The most common of them are the following:

  • You will be required to bring the government-issued personal photo identification, such as a valid driver’s license and an examination confirmation letter;
  • You will not be allowed to bring any bags, a cell phone or any other electronic communication devices in the test room;
  • You might be provided with certain reference documents during the exam, such as a codebook, a diagram booklet, an acronym sheet, a mathematical formula sheet.

Be mindful of the rules and follow the instructions you’re given. Failure to do so may result in the termination of your exam.

Clearing the exam will open doors for new Red Seal trades opportunities. Keep this in mind when getting ready for the exam and don’t give up even if it seems hard and impossible.

Good luck!

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