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Pre-Bid Projects

Pre-Bid Projects

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Sponsored Content: Know the BC Building Code and Advance Your Career

Sponsored by Ashton College

Ashton College
Sponsored Content: Know the BC Building Code and Advance Your Career

You have been contacted by a general contractor who has started the Request for Proposal process on a large residential project. You would like to be part of the team on this new build and while you know your trade inside and out, you are a little unclear on all the applications of the BC Building Code in this type of residential space.

You can try reading the BC Building Code for 2018 and hope the information sticks or, you can take a course taught by industry professionals. In the latter case, you will have not only the knowledge, but the proof of that knowledge to take your career further in the future.

About the BC Building Code 2018 course

Education providers like Ashton College offer a course developed specifically for those who need to better understand the BC Building Code. The Ashton College BC Building Code 2018 course is taught by construction professionals who not only know their trades, but they also know the code and how to teach it. It is delivered in a weekly video seminar format through Ashton’s Live Online portal with assignments between sessions. This ensures students make the most of their time and resources and do not have to worry about being in a traditional classroom environment.

Through the course, students will learn about the minimum standards for safety, protection, and health as well as application and non-application of the code. Instructors will also review the purpose of the code and how those involved in the construction industry can identify problems and solutions that align with it.

This is not a snore-fest presentation of the code. The course brings real-life examples into focus that give students memorable touchpoints on how the code works and applies within their day-to-day work.

How the Code Can Advance Your Career

Obviously, there is more to getting great work and advancing your career than just knowing the BC Building Code 2018. However, it is an excellent way to prove that you know and understand your trade and how the code impacts it, as well as showing that you are willing to learn the information that helps others as well as yourself.

Employers will appreciate your willingness to get to know the code because it will save them time and money. For example, if you are on a job site and a question comes up about what adheres to code and what does not, you will either be able to recall the information, or you will know exactly where to look it up in the code from your experiences in the course. No calls into the office, no waiting for someone else to come on site and confirm information.

Additionally, should you wish to go out on your own, or have already started your own company, knowing the code enables you to have answers quickly that can impact a project.

This could include situations where a general contractor, who has taken the BC Building Code course, is working with a homeowner on a renovation. If the homeowner wants to make changes such as removing a wall, the contractor will be able to work with an engineer and come up with solutions that adhere to the code. Additionally, if one of the trades on site has come upon an unexpected challenge, the contractor can brainstorm solutions that meet the code’s requirements.

All of this makes you a more valuable employee and/or contractor and a source of knowledge for others to turn to on the job site.

Knowing your trade and how to apply it are a key element to getting ahead in your career, but there are other tools that can also help propel you along the journey. Getting to know the BC Building Code is the ideal way to advance your knowledge in an area that directly impacts the work you do.

This content is sponsored by Ashton College in collaboration with ConstructConnect® Media. Ashton college offers Red seal exam preparation courses for nine trades: Carpenter, Plumber, Construction Electrician, Industrial Electrician, Automotive Service Technician, Dozer, Cook/Chef and Steamfitter/Pipefitter. To learn more about Ashton College, visit

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