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EllisDon, PCL announce mandatory vaccination policy

DCN-JOC News Services
EllisDon, PCL announce mandatory vaccination policy

MISSISSAUGA, ONT. — Two of Canada’s largest general contractors, EllisDon and PCL Construction, have announced they are implementing vaccination verification requirements at their workplaces.

The firms will require Canadian employees working at any location on company business to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by Nov. 1, 2021. As of this date, testing will not be offered as an alternative to full immunization, stated a Sept. 14 release.

Any employee may request an exemption to the vaccination verification requirement due to a proven medical condition and other applicable human rights grounds.

“Our dedication to safety will never waver,” said Geoff Smith, president and CEO, EllisDon. “Protecting and taking care of each other, and our families, speaks directly to the values we champion at EllisDon each and every day.”

“Being fully vaccinated is the most effective way to reduce the spread of COVID-19,” said PCL’s president and CEO, Dave Filipchuk. “PCL has instituted strict safety protocols throughout the pandemic, and this vaccination requirement is the next step in our ongoing commitment to keeping employees, clients, business partners and our communities safe.

“We are especially pleased to participate in this initiative with EllisDon, a respected industry peer. It is our hope that most general contractors and subtrade partners across Canada will soon join us.”

EllisDon and PCL will continue to comply with existing protocols and rules with respect to physical distancing, masking, screening, rapid testing, personal protective equipment and any other measures intended to reduce the transmission of COVID-19, stated the release.

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Paul Bali Image Paul Bali

Natural immunity is likely superior to vaccine-induced. Thus these mandates arbitrarily discriminate, and statements like Mr. Filipchuk’s are coercive and erosive of informed consent.

Jo Image Jo

Goodluck completing jobs on time, your going to have alot less trades men

Joe Image Joe

If there is going to be mandatory vaccinations then why do we still need to wear masks and physical distance? Makes no sense

Nova Image Nova

I think this is good for the public in general, because EVERYONE wants things to back to doing all the things we like to do. But if we don’t do acts like this, we’ll get shutdown again (no one wants). The rights of the individual is outweighed by the health of the community, the country and the world…I suggest you anti vac’s people sign up or stay home.

Ron Delisi Image Ron Delisi

Good on them, we are using HammerTech to track compliance on all our jobs.


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