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Self-performance key to competing on projects: EllisDon Western Civil Group

Russell Hixson
Self-performance key to competing on projects: EllisDon Western Civil Group
FILE PHOTO — Colin Hill, the vice-president of EllisDon's Western Civil Group, says he and his team are ready to compete for civil work in the west.

After years of building his team, gaining experience and learning the lay of the land, Colin Hill is now in charge of EllisDon’s Western Civil Group.

And he wants the west as well as all of Canada to know that they are ready to build civil projects.

“For the last few years we have been growing the operation based under the support of the Calgary buildings arena,” said Hill, vice-president of western civil at EllisDon. “We have been attracting resources, winning projects and trying to diversify our brand.”

EllisDon’s Western Civil Group officially separated out from under the Buildings Group umbrella to operate as a separate entity earlier this month.

Hill said the company has often been known as a vertical builder, a perception he wants to change.

“We have a strong civil group,” said Hill of his 120-person team. “The expertise and knowledge is unbelievable and we are ready to tackle any and all civil projects.”

Hill noted during the last five years he was able to assemble his team and get several major civil projects under its belt, including the Valley Line LRT project in Edmonton. The group now has a backlog of work ready to go. Part of this is due to COVID-19 stimulus funding flowing to infrastructure work. 

“We have sent out ripples into the pond that EllisDon is in Canada to build civil projects,” said Hill.

He said part of the group’s strategy lies in self-performing capability.

“We see that all the major civil players have a strong self-performing capability. They bring an element of that and it helps control risk and drive competitiveness.”

Hill noted that working in B.C. and Alberta will require a regional approach. Both provinces have different political leadership and economic cycles.

“Being diversified across those provinces will help us weather those cycles and being connected with EllisDon’s Building’s Group will allow us to have a more robust program to move people back and forth,” said Hill.


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