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Pre-Bid Projects

Pre-Bid Projects

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Geothermal Power Facility moves ahead in Saskatchewan

DCN-JOC News Services
Geothermal Power Facility moves ahead in Saskatchewan

SASKATOON, SASK. — DEEP Earth Energy Production Corp. has announced its first geothermal project will be built in southeast Saskatchewan.

The Geothermal Power Generation Facility will have the capacity to provide renewable baseload energy (24/7) and is anticipated to be the first Canadian 100 per cent naturally sourced geothermal power facility, according to a news release.

DEEP anticipates construction will begin in Q3 2023 on a 25 MW power facility which includes a 5 MW power purchase agreement with SaskPower.

The first phase of construction will see a 5 MW facility followed by an additional 20 MW at the same location.

Production and injection wells will be drilled to a depth of roughly 3.5 kilometres and run horizontally for three kilometres.

To prevent corrosion all the wells will be completed with carbon steel tubing that incorporates a non-metallic coating, states the release.

DEEP will employ a “ribcage” layout, the first time for a renewable energy project. Wells with equivalent depth, lateral length and step outs are routinely drilled in the hydrocarbon resource plays of the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin and DEEP will be leveraging this local knowledge and drilling capacity, reads the release.

DEEP has leased more than 39,000 hectares. The land is anticipated to support multiple power facilities greater than 200 MW in the long-term.


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