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Demography, infrastructure, building product costs and wages are also determinants of the construction sector’s health.

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Capacity Utilization Rates in Manufacturing - U.S. and Canada

The Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) of the Institute for Supply Management (PMI) may presently (Dec 2020) be a strong 60.7%, but manufacturing capacity utilization must rise closer to 80% before there can be an expectation of new footprint construction.

U.S. rates are calculated and published monthly; Canadian numbers, quarterly.

Data sources: Federal Reserve and Statistics Canada / Chart: ConstructConnect-CanaData.

Household Savings Rate in Canada

Household Savings Rate in Canada Chart

Data source: Statistics Canada/Chart: ConstructConnect — CanaData.

Personal Savings Rate in the U.S.

Personal Savings Rate in the U.S. Chart

Data source: Bureau of Economic Analysis/Chart: ConstructConnect — CanaData.