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(Builders’ Lien Act of Alberta, Sections 19 and 20)
To: Innisfail Solar Corporation
Project: Innisfail Solar
Address: SW 32 35 28 W4, Innisfail, AB
In accordance with the contract dated October 11, 2019 between INNISFAIL SOLAR CORPORATION, as Owner, and GP JOULE PV CANADA CORP., as Contractor, the aforenamed Contractor hereby certifies that, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE ITEMS LISTED ON THE ATTACHED SCHEDULE (if any):
(Delete either subparagraph (a) or (b) below, as applicable.)
1.The work is being used for the purposes intended.
2.The work to be done under the contract is capable of completion or correction at a cost ofnot more than $88,580.71.
The Contractor and its subcontractors shall continue to work towards total completion of the Project. Holdback monies withheld under the contract are due and payable in accordance with the given time period stipulated by the Builders’ Lien Act.
Date: June 26, 2020
Authorized Signature:
Print Name: David Pichard
Distributed to: Owner
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Outstanding Items:
Demobilize site ($12,220.71): Includes demobilization of all equipment and facilities on site, and placement of perimeter fence signs.
Civil ($57,500.00): Includes crowning of the access road, installation of railings on the retaining walls where required, and obtaining final as-builts.
Mechanical ($300.00): Final sweep for torque mark checks.
Electrical ($7,000.00): Includes ground testing for fencing, fixing split loom around c-channels, and strapping/securing of 4” PVC conduit expansion joints.
Engineering ($5,750.00): Includes completion of SCADA commissioning, completion of an arc flash study, drafting of an overall site As-Built set of drawings per the final string layouts, and ensuring AlsoEnergy monitoring system is fully functioning.
Piling ($5,800.00): Fill and compaction around remaining piles and final signoff on pile heights

Date substantially performed:
Date certificate signed:


Name of Contractor
GP Joule
Address of Contractor
6715 – 8th Street NE, Suite 120 · Calgary, AB