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The Fence People Limited go beyond supplying Temporary Hoarding Materials.  We are solution providers for pedestrian safety in a fast moving construction industry.

We have supplied Plywood Hoarding, Covered Walkway, Overhead Gate Protection, Office Trailer Support and more for over 30 years. 

Plywood Hoarding: Higher security, optional panels with access gate and window view, easy installation and accommodates grading and sloping.  The recycled materials are donated to the local artists.  The use the panels to build workstations in art studios. The artists creative work can be canvassed on the plywood as murals on projects.

Covered Walkway: Clean and safe passageway, accommodates fascia for signage or advertising.  The flexible assembly is quick to dismantle or relocate. It is  also available without front post or barrier support known as the RT2.

RT3-RS was designed to protect pedestrians from demolition zones. The standard covered walkway was enhanced and reinforced with higher levels of defence to absorb the load of falling debris. 

The Overhead Gate Protection is unique to every project.  It is available in widths ranging from 20′ to 60′ offering increased visibility to on-site vehicles. The product is beneficial with bi-folding gates for job-sites with wide entrance access but have little to no space to operate the swing or sliding gates.

When The Fence People Limited is administered on the field from ground 0, it will change your experience from good to legendary.  Our unique product line is what you need to deliver the type of project beyond your comfort zone.  Become the heroes to our stories. 

If we can’t do it, it can’t be done.


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