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Pre-Bid Projects

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Long-term care, Indigenous issues among RAIC election priorities

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Long-term care, Indigenous issues among RAIC election priorities

OTTAWA — The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) has issued a brief identifying four issues it views as priorities in the 2021 federal election campaign.

It is part of a broader effort to have a discussion about the “importance of architecture and urban design in building a better future for Canada.”

The topics are architecture in relation to the environment and climate action, long-term care and Indigenous issues; and a national architecture policy for Canada, stated a recent release.

The responses from the parties will be published online and shared with RAIC members.


On climate action, the RAIC is asking

  • What is your strategy to radically accelerate decarbonization, strengthen resiliency and leverage regenerative co-benefits to invest in the ongoing environmental action plan for Canadians and Indigenous peoples?
  • How would you harness and invest in the capacity of Canadian architects and other practitioners in the built environment to address the interdependent and intersectional crises of climate, equity and intergenerational health? 


On Indigenous issues

  • What is your plan for improving living conditions for Indigenous people and how will you accelerate the permanent lifting of the long-term drinking water advisories still impacting Indigenous peoples?
  • What firm, actionable plan does your party have to uncover all burial sites and support residential school survivors?
  • How will you give agency to Indigenous groups and Indigenous architects over their communities and projects where the community has a vested interest?


On long-term care

  • What is your strategy to improve the accommodation and care of residents in long-term-care facilities? How would your party work with the provinces?
  • To what end are you willing to explore innovative solutions and international best practices in long-term-care operations and design? 


On a national architecture policy for Canada

  • Do you support a national architecture policy, and how would your party work with professionals, industry leaders and the public to improve the quality of Canada’s buildings, infrastructure and cities? 

RAIC members are urged to c.c. the institute when questions are sent to candidates and to share the RAIC brief on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram using the hashtag #RAICvotes.

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