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$721-million order placed for new SkyTrain cars

DCN-JOC News Services
$721-million order placed for new SkyTrain cars
PROVINCE OF B.C. — TransLink officials in B.C. have placed a large order for new SkyTrain cars to bolster its existing fleet and prepare for upcoming transportation projects.

NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C. — TransLink has placed a massive order to modernize its SkyTrain cars, which is a key step to prepare for future SkyTrain line construction and extensions.

TransLink announced it has contracted Bombardier Transportation to manufacture 205 SkyTrain cars, the largest ever order of SkyTrain cars for the Expo and Millennium Lines.

TransLink officials explained the new cars will allow older ones to be retired, improve fleet quality, and increase reliability. The contract will also support service expansion as the region’s transit network grows with the Broadway Subway Project and Surrey Langley SkyTrain. The first new SkyTrain car from the order is expected to arrive in 2023, with all new vehicles in service by the end of 2027.

The $721-million order includes 125 cars to replace older ones and increase capacity for the upcoming Broadway Subway Project. It also will pay for 80 new cars to increase capacity on existing lines and allow for additional cars to support the future Surrey Langley SkyTrain extension.

The purchase of the SkyTrain cars is part of the Expo Millennium Line Upgrade Program. The program is funded with an investment of $1.47 billion through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program with contributions from the Government of Canada, Government of B.C. and TransLink.

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