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Renewable natural gas helping FortisBC reach climate goals

Renewable natural gas helping FortisBC reach climate goals

RICHMOND, B.C. — Metro Vancouver and FortisBC Energy Inc. are teaming up to achieve regional climate action goals and highlight a new facility that will recover energy from liquid wastewater treatment.

Work has been completed on the new Lulu Island Renewable Natural Gas Facility, located in Richmond, B.C. at Metro Vancouver’s Lulu Island Wastewater Treatment Plant site. The facility can now allow unused biogas to be cleaned, stored and sold to purchasers such as FortisBC as Renewable Natural Gas (RNG).

The gas can be blended into existing gas infrastructure running throughout the province and is a lower carbon substitute for traditional natural gas.

The gas is created as a byproduct of the liquid wastewater treatment process, and some biogas from the Richmond facility has already been used as a fuel for indoor heating and plant processes. The new infrastructure is able to clean biogas from the plant using a water-based scrubbing technology that’s self-contained to make it pipeline ready for FortisBC’s existing pipelines.

“Metro Vancouver and FortisBC both recognize the importance of partnerships and co-investment in the development of projects that support the region’s resilience and low-carbon future,” said Sav Dhaliwal, chair of the Metro Vancouver board of directors, in a statement. “This facility will produce enough renewable natural gas to heat more than 600 homes, and we anticipate that production will increase as the region’s population grows.”

Revenue from the project will be partially reinvested into projects that increase the amount of unused biogas available.

FortisBC is plans to source enough carbon neutral RNG to replace 15 per cent of its overall natural gas supply by 2030 as part of their 30BY30 target.

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