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Saskatchewan budget spends $830 million on highways

Saskatchewan budget spends $830 million on highways
PROVINCE OF SASKATCHEWAN — The Province of Saskatchewan announced it will spend $830 million upgrading highway infrastructure over the coming year.

REGINA — Saskatchewan plans to spend $830 million on highway infrastructure in the coming year.

“The highways budget contains more than $800 million dollars in highways investments that protect citizens by making our highways safer,” said Fred Bradshaw, highways minister, in statement. “These investments will build capacity so we are positioned for renewed economic growth once the pandemic is in the rear-view mirror.”

Approximately $520 million of those funds will go towards safety and efficiency improvements on key highway corridors. One of the highest priority projects will be twinning Highway 3 to roughly eight kilometres west of Prince Albert. Design is scheduled to occur in 2021 with the contract being tendered this fall and completion in fall 2022.

Major construction projects that will benefit from the funding include:

  • Multiple stimulus passing lane projects on Highways 2, 3, 12, 14 and 16;
  • three sets of passing lanes on Highway 7 — Kindersley to the Saskatchewan-Alberta border;
  • two sets of passing lanes and widening on Highway 5 — Saskatoon to Highway 2; and
  • completing the remaining passing lanes on Highway 39 — Corrine to Estevan.

The Government of Saskatchewan will improve 1,350 kilometres of provincial highways, the second year of its 10-year Growth Plan goal to build and upgrade 10,000 kilometres of highways. 

Those improvements include:

  • 250 km of repaving;
  • 510 km of pavement sealing;
  • 225 km of medium treatments, like micro surfacing;
  • 25 km of gravel rehabilitation;
  • 280 km of Thin Membrane Surface (TMS) and rural highway upgrades, including 100 km delivered through stimulus funding; and
  • 60 km of twinning and passing lanes.

The budget also sets aside $44.5 million of highway funding to rehabilitate or replace 14 bridges and multiple culverts across the province.

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