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Panel to review water main break that has forced Calgary to conserve water

The Canadian Press
Panel to review water main break that has forced Calgary to conserve water

CALGARY – A panel of experts is to review why a major pipeline burst in Calgary nearly two weeks ago, forcing the city and surrounding regions to conserve water.
David Duckworth, the city’s chief administrative officer, says the panel will be composed of academics and industry experts and will suggest changes to prevent future water disruptions.
Duckworth says the main ruptured area has been fixed and engineers are working on repairing structural deficiencies in five other spots along the pipe.
He says repairs could take three to five weeks and new pipe to replace two defected spots is set to arrive from San Diego.
Calgary, a city of 1.6 million people, and surrounding municipalities have been under a combination of mandatory and voluntary water restrictions since the water main ruptured 13 days ago in the city’s northwest.
All outdoor watering is banned, and city officials have been calling on residents to reduce toilet flushes, take shorter showers and do fewer loads of laundry and dishes.


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