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Sponsored Content: A Better Way to Learn BC’s Building Code

Sponsored by Ashton College

Ashton College
Sponsored Content: A Better Way to Learn BC’s Building Code

Picking up the BC Building Code and reading it cover to cover is one way to try to learn it and perhaps aggravate yourself, but this is hardly the easiest way to gain the information you need to know. Not only would it be fairly dry and challenging to read this way and understand, you would also be unlikely to absorb and retain the information you need.

Fortunately, a new course launched by Ashton College within its continuing education courses addresses the needs of BC-based builders, tradespeople, home inspectors, renovators, property owners, real estate investors, property managers and others. The BC Building Code 2018 course outlines the code in a live, online and part-time learning format that makes the information accessible and understandable. Students will attend live webinars once a week from their own computers and will participate in study activities that will help bring the essence of the code to life.

Aspects of the BC Building Code

 Within the course, students will learn about aspects such as the application of the BC Building Code, non-application of the code, the code’s objectives as well as acceptable solutions. The code covers essentially every aspect of a building from construction, to renovation, repair and demolition through the lens of health and safety, accessibility, fire prevention/protection, structural soundness and efficiency for water and energy.

In addition to the BC Building Code 2018, the course also covers the BC Fire Code 2018 and the BC Plumbing Code 2018, which are essential aspects of building projects. Anyone who is involved in building construction, modification, enhancement, sale, purchase or demolition needs to know the basics of the BC Building Code and how to access the specific information they need within the code. The new course provides outlines and details about the code, its various sections and when and how to use it.

Why Knowing the BC Building Code is Important

 It can be challenging to know which aspects of a building are up to code, which aspects are not and what changes need to be made. Without a thorough understanding of the code itself, searching for the necessary answers can take a considerable amount of time. Plus, the code changes. What an electrician, framer or home inspector once knew to be part of the code may have changed in the most recent update.

The BC Building Code 2018 course is helpful to familiarize yourself with the code, but also so that you can answer the questions that other people will have for you on the job. When questions are asked about why things have been built a certain way, or why a particular change cannot be made in a renovation, it is important to be able to refer to the code. This helps in addressing what is right or wrong and outlines various methods for bringing a situation up to code.

The Learning Experience

 Students will value the engaging way the Ashton College instructor shares real-life information and examples that make the code interesting and accessible. The instructor is highly experienced in construction with more than two decades of applying his skills and he brings that experience to students in ways that entertain and inform.

In addition to having access to a skilled instructor, students will also have the opportunity to interact with each other, which brings a richer learning experience because of the diversity of backgrounds and experience and also allows for a synergy that builds upon each individual’s knowledge.

Ashton College has a long-standing reputation for providing high-caliber education in a wide range of fields including trades, home inspection and construction. With this background, students can expect an outstanding educational experience with the BC Building Code 2018 course.

This content is sponsored by Ashton College in collaboration with ConstructConnect® Media. Ashton college offers Red seal exam preparation courses for nine trades: Carpenter, Plumber, Construction Electrician, Industrial Electrician, Automotive Service Technician, Dozer, Cook/Chef and Steamfitter/Pipefitter. To learn more about Ashton College, visit

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