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Industry Special: BCCSA’s PCTAC takes on big challenges to help contractors of every size

Industry Special: BCCSA’s PCTAC takes on big challenges to help contractors of every size

Becoming a member of the Prime Contractors Technical Advisory Committee (PCTAC) for the BC Construction Safety Alliance (BCCSA) is entirely voluntary. But representatives of COR®-certified General Contractors’ who step up to the plate have found that membership has its rewards, from taking on the common challenges of coordinating safety on construction projects, to sharing the benefits of consistent programs and expectations with workers employed by smaller employers and sub trades.

The committee was struck by the Alliance in 2012 and continues to represent a growing cross section of the province’s prime contractors.

“The PCTAC demonstrates that the best practices for promoting safety are not a secret,” says Erin Linde, director of health and safety services with BCCSA. “At these meetings there’s no thought about competitive advantage. Members share everything they have, from resources they’ve developed to their deep understanding of issues, for the betterment of safety for construction workers everywhere.”

Ashley Den Duyf, health and safety manager at BD Hall Constructors Corp., is one of the committee’s newest members. Impressed by its work, she wanted to contribute to building resources such as those developed to address the COVID-19 pandemic and the BCCSA Silica Control ToolTM.  She also wanted to bring the unique voice of a civil construction company to the table, broadening the scope of the resources the Alliance shares with others.

“I’ve worked with many committee members before, but it’s nice to have conversations about safety outside the project setting,” she says. “PCTAC gives us a unique forum to create safety guidelines and guidance for workers in companies across the industry, and to provide clarity around the ways in which companies can meet the requirements of performance-based standards.”

Mike de Jong, manager, HS&E with Ledcor, has served on the PCTAC for three years, following in the footsteps of long-time Ledcor committee member Barry McCarty. Part of Ledcor’s commitment is the company’s acknowledgment that prime contractors have both the ability and responsibility to influence positive change on important safety issues.

“Safety is a small world and as members of this industry we feel a sense of moral obligation to promote safety that goes beyond proprietary needs,” he says. “When we contribute our resources through the PCTAC, we have the ability to help create resources that smaller contractors may not be able to access on their own. One of the best examples was our ability to act as a trusted resource for COVID-19, where we jumped in with everything we had, from sharing our time and expertise to our financial resources to keep us all working safely.”

Cori Coutts, HSE & HR manager at Knappett Projects Inc. has been a committee member for about five years. She enjoys digging deep into individual topics, including COVID-19, isocyanates and the Silica Control ToolTM.

PCTAC meetings are held in Vancouver. Based in Victoria, she’s attended all but one meeting virtually — no member is located too far away to participate.

“We may be working in different parts of the industry but we all work together,” she says. “I can bounce ideas off any of the members and get very useful feedback.”

For Mike McKenna, executive director of the BCCSA, the committee provides a trusted vehicle for two-way communication with all members, large and small,

“Committee members tell us what they need from the Alliance to keep people safer,” he says. “And in an industry dominated by smaller sub-contractors, members use their influence and communication networks to deliver safety information and best practices to the smaller contractors they work with, who might otherwise be challenging to reach. Everybody benefits.”

This content is an Industry Special by BCCSA in collaboration with ConstructConnect® Media. To learn more about BCCSA, or to volunteer for membership on the PCTAC, visit

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