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Pre-Bid Projects

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Dutch sustainable treats at Buildex Vancouver session

Peter Caulfield
Dutch sustainable treats at Buildex Vancouver session

How North American builders can use and benefit from innovative European products and services will be explored at a Buildex session presented by Dirk van der Ven, chief innovation and sustainability officer of World of Walas, a Dutch company.

World of Walas (Walas) is a multinational group of companies that specializes in sustainable urban development projects and access to European innovation. The session takes place Feb. 13 and it is called From the European Union to North America.

Walas’ services include concept and design, development and construction, project management, property management and access to innovations.

“Our models address economic, financial, environmental and social sustainability. Our approaches to gradual development and financial modeling require significantly less upfront investment and offer comparable returns within 10 years.”

For example, when a 500,000-square foot complex of office buildings became vacant in the Dutch city of Heerlen, Walas created Carbon6 to revitalize the site.

Walas owns and operates the sprawling complex, which has been re-purposed for arts and culture, start-up companies and social enterprises. A total of 1,200 people are employed at Carbon6, which is on its way to becoming carbon-neutral.

The complex is home to the largest creative cluster in the Netherlands, which houses the region’s largest pop music school and artist studios for painting, glassworks and digital media.

Van der Ven’s Buildex presentation will take place at the event’s European Innovations Pavilion, which highlights the latest trends in sustainable and smart development in cities across Europe.

Visitors will be able to meet and network with European companies that are part of the Walas trade mission to Buildex.

One of the companies at the pavilion is the Royal Wijma Company, a producer of African hardwood.

Wijma has been in the hardwood trade for over 120 years. They were the first forest managers in West Africa to obtain Forest Stewardship Certification on its concessions in 2005.

Dopik has over 35 years of experience in heating with renewable energy and 25 years of experience in wood shredding.

With 4,500 heating system and 1,000 wood chipper installations, Dopik is one of the largest companies in Germany in its field.

Some of their new, efficient and innovative products are battery storage systems and absorption refrigeration technology.

DUTCH VR is a virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) studio not far from Amsterdam.

VR and AR make it easier to control the design and appearance of future built environments. They can help builders, architects and clients see the impact of their design choices before even a single brick is put in place.

The CarbonBlue urban solar project reduces energy costs and reliance on the energy grid, and facilitates the transition to cleaner energy sources.

CarbonBlue mounted panels on an elevated structure that covers a large parking lot.

The panels do triple-duty. They provide filtered light during the day, capture rain water and clean up air and water.

In addition, they create jobs and provide a green retreat for the community.

Farm2Future explores integrated solutions to the food security challenges faced by residents of modern cities.

The company develops agri-systems that can produce food on smaller and alternative areas, and protect crops with less environmental impact.

Farm2Future’s solutions include stand-alone, closed systems for food production, integrated pest management and innovative bio-materials.

Priva makes hardware and software for process management and climate control in non-residential buildings, in horticulture and in industry.

Founded in a small Dutch town in 1959, Priva has grown to become a global company with sites and training centres on every continent. With its certified partner network, Priva is represented in more than 100 countries.

In addition to W35 — From the European Union to North America, the European Innovations Pavilion will be the site of a number of other presentations.

They include W14 — The Case for Leading with Results in Sustainability, which takes place on Feb.13.

Presented by Gerben van Straaten, CEO and founder of the World of Walas, his talk will cite some best practices from Europe which show how to achieve sustainable results, progress and value at the same time.

W50 — Multimedia In the Urban Environment (also on Feb. 13) will demonstrate how multimedia can bring creativity to storytelling and add value to a company’s business objectives. The presenter is Dane ten Berge, international business development manager, Blast Digital Signage.

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