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DIRTT launches campaign promoting prefabricated construction

DIRTT launches campaign promoting prefabricated construction
DIRTT — A photo shows one modern office designed by DIRTT, a Calgary-based interior construction company. The company is launching a new campaign to promote prefabricated modular construction.

CALGARY, ALTA. — DIRTT Environmental Solutions recently announced it is launching Make Space for Possibilities, an advocacy campaign to demonstrate the merits of prefabricated construction in North America.

The Calgary, Alta.-based interior construction company uses proprietary software to design, manufacture and install fully-customizable environments.

“The optimal space allows people and organizations to be their best by connecting and collaborating safely. How this is accomplished will continue to evolve over time,” said Kevin O’Meara, president and CEO of DIRTT, in a press release. “Construction doesn’t need to be an exercise in predicting the future. By employing prefabricated, modular construction to design and build, you can drive better outcomes, positively impacting the human experience and the bottom line.”

A release by DIRTT stated the company believes that spaces should be relevant, resilient and respectful. It aims to convince organizations to reset and rethink and to create spaces that are adaptable, sustainable and intentionally designed to manage the unknown.

The campaign encourages organizations to “imagine the infinite value of permanent spaces that can quickly and economically change to meet evolving needs, and calls for adaptable, modular solutions that are intentionally engineered to fit together instead of the conventional, one-and-done approach to building.”

DIRTT stated the campaign will be driven by research and takes inspiration both from Mother Nature’s best inventions, like the honeycomb, and everyday items, such as zippers, while also integrating easy-to-clean materials and approaches used by medical facilities. The campaign is intended to provoke discussion and stimulate ideas about how to keep people connected even while they have to remain apart.

“The idea starters profiled in this campaign reflect emerging trends and integrate with DIRTT’s virtual reality technology so users can experience their future space in real time and with real dimensions,” says Jennifer Warawa, DIRTT’s chief commercial officer. “Clients throughout North America are telling us they need space constructed in a way that makes people feel calm, connected and protected while also maintaining business continuity and minimizing disruption.”

Working with architects, designers and general contractors, DIRTT stated its idea starters demonstrate how to reconfigure any environment so people can isolate or collaborate and feel safe doing it.

“This campaign demonstrates the multitude of ways DIRTT can help any organization provide the best spaces for the way people work, learn and heal,” added O’Meara.

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