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Carbon capture project planned for Grand Prairie

Carbon capture project planned for Grand Prairie
ENHANCE ENERGY — A new agreement has been signed between two companies to build a facility that will capture and sequesture of up to one million tonnes of CO2 each year from the planned Blue Methanol facility near Grande Prairie, Alta.

CALGARY — A large-scale carbon capture project is being planned for Alberta.

Nauticol and Enhance have agreed to collaborate on a capture and sequestration project that could remove of up to one million tonnes of CO2 each year from Nauticol’s planned Blue Methanol facility.

Nauticol plans to build the methanol production and distribution in Grand Prairie in response to global demand for low carbon methanol.

Blue Methanol created using CCS is an integrated solution that involves capturing and compressing waste CO2 at the plant site and injecting it deep into contained geological formations where it is permanently sequestered. 

Nautical will be responsible for capturing the CO2 and Enhance will manage the development, construction and operation of the CO2 sequestration system beyond the plant site. 

“Our plant design was already targeted to be a global leader in low emissions,” said Mark Tonner, CEO and co-founder of Nauticol, in a statement. “Partnering with Enhance on CO2 capture and sequestration changes the game of what low carbon methanol production at the world scale will be from this point on.”

The companies stated the collaborative agreement will help move the project development along faster.

It would be Enhance’s second large-scale carbon capture and sequestration project in Alberta. 

“At Enhance we are immensely proud of the strides we are making to reduce emissions through CO2 capture and sequestration,” said Kevin Jabusch, CEO of Enhance. “We were pleased to announce 1 million tonnes sequestered via the Alberta Carbon Trunk Line (ACTL), which is a 240 km network transporting CO2 from the Alberta Industrial Heartland to our site in Clive, Alta.”

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