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Aging B.C. Housing development eyed for upgrade

Aging B.C. Housing development eyed for upgrade
PROVINCE OF B.C.—Officials in B.C. are looking to redevelop Burnaby's aging Stratford Gardens development.

BURNABY, B.C.—B.C. is looking to replace the aging units at the Stratford Gardens housing development in Burnaby with more new, modern, affordable homes.

“A redevelopment of Stratford Gardens could lead to even more homes to accommodate people with a wide range of incomes in the community,” said Janet Routledge, MLA for Burnaby North, in a statement. “I look forward to hearing from the public and working closely with BC Housing to develop a plan to provide safe and affordable homes that meet the needs of people in Burnaby.”

The province noted the property situated at 6005 Pandora St., Stratford Gardens warrants redevelopment as its aging buildings and infrastructure require significant renovations. The site is also able to accommodate an increased amount of affordable homes.

Stratford Gardens is owned and operated by BC Housing. Its five residential buildings opened in 1971. One building was demolished in 2019 following a fire that left it unsuitable for tenants. There are about 95 mixed-income tenants living in the 101 units on site.

Officials noted the project is in very early planning stages. A consultation process will be presented to tenants, neighbouring residents and key stakeholders, and is expected to begin in the coming weeks. Tenants will have the opportunity to help give input on development plans for the property.

If the redevelopment project is approved, tenants will be supported to stay in their units, as much as possible, until the new homes are completed. Upon completion, current tenants will be given first choice of new units with no adjustments to their monthly rent unless their income or household size has changed.

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