Bulley Mini Key Self Storage – Trades

Publication Date:
Vancouver, British Columbia
Bid Date:
Tender Description

Renovation of a warehouse / distribution facility in Vancouver, British Columbia. Completed plans call for the renovation of a 117,555-square-foot, five-story above grade warehouse / distribution facility.

Sub Trades being tendered: Supply forming price only; rebar reinforcement, supply and installation two pricing options are A: Price for parkade walls footings, pads and columns and main floor deck;

B: parkade walls footings and pads only (this allows me to compare against a precast system).

Value listed is the entire project estimate.


Name Company Role Phone
Project Contact Ed Bulley Ventures Ltd Consultant (250) 775-0033
Project Manager Ed Bulley Ventures Ltd General Contractor (250) 775-0033
Ed Bulley Ed Bulley Ventures Ltd Owner (250) 775-0033
Kelly Grubb Grubb Engineering Corp Structural Engineer (587) 876-8440


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