Form ID

Publication date

Location of premises


55 Maitland Street, Balcony and Railing Repairs, Phase 2

Date substantially performed:
Date certificate signed:


Name of Owner
Greenrock Investments Ltd. c/o Greenwin Property Management
Address of Owner
20 Eglinton Avenue West, Suite 1600, Toronto, ON M4R 2H1
Name of Contractor
Langstaff Restorations Ltd.
Address of Contractor
253 Centre St. East, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 1A7
Name of Certifier
Halsall Associates Limited
Address of Certifier
2300 Yonge St., Suite 2300, PO Box 2385, Toronto, ON M4P 1E4

Identification of Premises

City of Toronto All of Plans R2129, R2130, R2131, Land Titles Toronto and Lane Plan 34 City, now closed by By-Law 22069