Tenders & Solicitations

See listings of tender advertisements and other solicitations paid for by the owner or a representative of the owner to generate interest in the opportunity.  Typical listings include open solicitations for business services, general contracts, sub trade contracts, and consultant services on construction projects.

Featured Tenders

Bid Date Project Name Publication Date
St. Regis, Quebec: Interior Renovations

All Tenders

Bid Date Project Name Publication Date
Waterford, ON: Wastewater Treatment Facility
Peterborough, ON: Cleaning & Cement Mortar Lining of Existing Watermains
Sarnia, ON: Roadwork
Marathon, ON: Roadwork
Monteith, ON: Roadwork
St. Regis, Quebec: Interior Renovations
Madoc, ON: Roadwork
Port Perry, ON: Roadwork
Windsor, ON: Roof Replacement
Peel Region, ON: Lawn and Boulevard Maintenance
Waterloo, ON: Groundwater Extraction Upgrades
Toronto, ON: Lake Filling and Flood Protection Enabling Infrastructure Projects
Mississauga, ON: Construction of Natural Gas Engine Power Facility
Brampton, ON: Retrofit of Humicon Unit Platforms
Niagara Region, ON: Highway QEW – Henley Course Overpass, 15 Mile Creek Overpass, 16 Mile Creek Overpass
Waterloo, ON: Influent System Improvements at Kitchener Wastewater Treatment Plant
Windsor: Rehabilitation of Tecumseh Road, East Bridge (#155) over Little River
Mississauga, ON: Demolition & Removal of Digesters
Mississauga, ON: Construction of Sanitary Sewer and Watermain
Waterloo, ON: Landfill Site Cell Construction
Exhibition Place, Toronto: Cooling Towers Replacement at Enercare Centre
Mississauga, ON: Burnhamthorpe Water Project
Kenora District, ON: Prequalification for Various Renewal Construction Projects
Central Region, ON: Winter & Summer Maintenance Work CDMC 2017-07
Central Region, ON: Winter & Summer Maintenance Work CDMC 2017-06
Northeastern Region, ON: Design Build – Pavement Rehabilitation, Highway 60
Dorchester, ON: Hwy 401 at Elgin Road, Underpass Replacement
Fauquier, ON: Hwy 11, Groundhog River Bridge Replacement
New Liskeard, ON: Hwy 11, Calamity Creek Culvert Replacement