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Regional of Municipality of Waterloo, City of Cambridge
Regional Road No.8, Dundas Street North, between Main Street and Shade Street
This is to certify that the contract for the following improvement:
Reconstruction of Regional Road No.8, Dundas Street North including underground servicing, complete road reconstruction, concrete and various surface works, and associated restorations.
To the above premises was substantially performed on:
August 11, 2021
Date certificate signed:
August 16, 2021
Name of owner:
Regional of Municipality of Waterloo
Address for service:
150 Frederick St., 6th Floor Kitchener, Ontario, N2G 4J3
Name of contractor:
Regional Sewer & Watermain Ltd.
Address for service:
1850 Whistle Bare Rd, Cambridge, Ontario, N1R 5S3
Name of payment certifier:
Walterfedy Inc.
675 Queen St S #111, Kitchener, Ontario, N2M 1A1
Office to which claim for lien must be given to preserve lien:
Region of Waterloo, Attn: Clerk's Dept. 2nd Floor, 150 Frederick Street, Kitchener, Ontario, N2G 4J3

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