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Municipality of Meaford
Sykes Street North Reconstruction
This is to certify that the contract for the following improvement:
Contract No. RFT-INF-ES-2021-01 The Works included infrastructure renewal and road reconstruction along Sykes Street within the Municipality of Meaford. Infrastructure renewal included the replacement of 245 metres of Sanitary Sewer (including services), replacement of 348 metres of Storm Sewer and 250 metres of watermain (including service). 250 metres of road were reconstructed with an urban cross-section, complete with barrier curb and gutter, concrete sidewalks and boulevards and restoration of all disturbed areas to previous or better condition
To the above premises was substantially performed on:
October 29, 2021
Date certificate signed:
November 9, 2021
Name of owner:
Municipality of Meaford
Address for service:
21 Trowbridge Street West Meaford, Ontario N4L 1A1
Name of contractor:
Seeley & Arnill Construction
Address for service:
255 South Street East Durham, Ontario L0M 1S0
Name of payment certifier:
Tatham Engineering Limited
115 Sandford Fleming Drive, Suite 200 Collingwood, Ontario L9Y 5A6
Office to which claim for lien must be given to preserve lien:

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