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Coldstream Dr, Middlesmoor Cres, Manchester Dr, Leominister Dr, Sherburne Dr, Holyhead Dr, Hanbury Ct, Pembroke Ct, and Fleet Path.
This is to certify that the contract for the following improvement:
Coldstream Drive Area Minor Reconstruction (Contract CW-20-04)
To the above premises was substantially performed on:
November 27, 2020
Date certificate signed:
January 4, 2021
Name of owner:
The Corporation of the City of Burlington
Address for service:
City Hall, 426 Brant Street, Burlington, ON L7R 3Z6
Name of contractor:
King Paving & Construction Ltd.
Address for service:
3385 Harvester Road, Burlington, ON L7R 3N2
Name of payment certifier:
Hasan Rabby
City Hall, 426 Brant Street, Burlington, ON L7R 3Z6
Office to which claim for lien must be given to preserve lien:
City Hall, 426 Brant Street, P.O. Box 5013, Burlington, ON., L7R 3Z6

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