Form ID

Publication date

Location of premises


Boiler Replacement, Port Elgin Saugeen Central School.

Date substantially performed:
Date certificate signed:


Name of Owner
Bluewater District School Board.
Address of Owner
351 First Avenue North, Chesley, ON N0G 1L0.
Name of Contractor
Cliff’s Plumbing and Heating.
Address of Contractor
640 Willoughby Street, Lucknow, ON N0G 2H0.
Name of Certifier
Erdmann W. Knaack Architect.
Address of Certifier
R.R. #4, PO Box 327, Chatsworth, ON N0H 1G0.

Identification of Premises

504 Catherine Street, Port Elgin, ON N0H 2C1.

Office to which claim for lien must be given to preserve lien

Bluewater District School Board, 351 First Avenue North, Chesley, ON N0G 1L0.