Publication date


This is to certify the completion of a subcontract for the supply of services or materials between Ltd
WSP Canada Inc
September 6, 2019
The subcontract provided the supply of the following services or materials:
2019B-2021A IGU Replacement
To the following improvement:
IGU Replacement
Of the premises at:
Toronto Eaton Centre - 1 Dundas St West, Toronto
Date of certification:
August 6, 2021
Name of owner:
The Cadillac Fairview Corporation
Address for service:
220 Yonge St, Suite 110, P.O. Box 511, Toronto, Ontario M5B 2H1
Name of contractor: Ltd
Address for service:
185 Claireport Crescent, Etobicoke, Ontario, M9W 6P7
Name of payment certifier:
WSP Canada Inc
2300 Yonge St, Suite 2300, Toronto, Ontario, M4P 1E4
Identification of premises for preservation of liens:
1 Dundas Street West, Toronto - 21097-0009 (LT)

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