Publication date


City of Brampton, Region of Peel
43M-2057, Bram East Area "A", File No. 21T-16-006B, City of Brampton
This is to certify that the contract for the following improvement:
Contract No.1, Residential Subdivision, Bram 50 Group, Dolomiti Estates Inc.; 21T-1 6-006B, City of Brampton. Construction of top stage curb, sidewalk, adjustment of catch basins, manholes and placing of top asphalt.
To the above premises was substantially performed on:
September 10, 2021
Date certificate signed:
September 20, 2021
Name of owner:
Bram 50 Group, Clo Dolomiti Estates Inc.
Address for service:
8600 Dufferin Street, Concord, Ontario, L4K 5P5
Name of contractor:
Great North Drain LTD
Address for service:
250 Nativio Street, Unit 2, Woodbridge, Ontario, L4H 4V7
Name of payment certifier:
Candevcon Limited, Tariq Mehmood, P.Eng
9358 Goreway Drive, Brampton, Ontario, L6P OM7
Identification of premises for preservation of liens:
Plan 43M-2057, City of Brampton
Office to which claim for lien must be given to preserve lien:
8600 Dufferin Street, Concord, Ontario, L4K 5P5

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