Publication date


Name of declarant:
2644323 Ontario Inc
Address for service:
178 Main St, Unit 300, Unionville ON L3R 2G9
Concise overview of the land:
5250 Solar Dr. Mississauga ON L4W 5M8. 41 Unit Industrial Condo Development
PCL BLOCK 3-7, SEC 43M793 ; PT BLK 3, PL 43M793, PART 1 & 3 , 43R16290 , S/T RIGHT AS IN LT827066 ; S/T DP2708 ; S/T LT827083 MISSISSAUGA SUBJECT TO AN EASEMENT IN GROSS OVER PARTS 2 AND 4 43R39497 AS IN PR3684351
Name of contractor:
Construction Point
178 Main St Unit 300, Unionville ON L3R 2G9

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