Publication date

Location of premises


Westminster SS Partial Replacement of Roofs: A-3, A-4 and D-1

Date substantially performed:
Date certificate signed:


Name of Owner
Thames Valley District School Board
Address of Owner
951 Leathorne Street, London, ON N5Z 3M7
Name of Contractor
Atlas-Apex Roofing (London) Inc.
Address of Contractor
625 New Bold Street, London, ON N6E 2V1
Name of Certifier
N. American Roof Management Services Ltd.
Address of Certifier
333 Consortium Court, London, ON

Identification of Premises

All of Block "A" Registered Plan No. 922 All of lot 1 and all of Block "C", "F", & "G" and all of the 12" Reserve, Registered Plan No. 817 in the City of London, County of Middlesex