Publication date

Location of premises


Tim Horton’s Head Office Renovation - Phase 1.

Date substantially performed:
Date certificate signed:


Name of Owner
The TDL Group Ltd.
Address of Owner
874 Sinclair Road, Oakville, ON L6K 2Y1.
Name of Contractor
Charter Building Company.
Address of Contractor
235 Martindale Road, St. Catharines, ON L2W 1A5.

Identification of Premises

Part of Block D, Plan 949, in the Town of Oakville, Regional Municipality of Halton, designated as Part 1 on Reference Plan 20R-7606 and Part of Sinclair Road, Plan 949, designated as Parts 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 on Reference Plan 20R-7606 as closed by By-law 69747.